Any pipe/conduit installed in/through the levee $50.00
Repair/remodel building without changing dimensions $50.00
repair/remodel building, changes in exterior dimensions $300.00
Paving/pour a slab: under 200ft. $50.00
Paving/pour a slab: 200 ft. to 499 ft. $100.00 Paving/pour a slab: 500 ft. to 999 ft. $200.00 $100.00/$200.00
1000 ft. and over $300.00
Install a fence, pole, or posts $50.00
Erect an outbuilding under 120 sq. Ft. $50.00 – Erect an outbuilding over 120 sw. ft. $300.00 $50.00/$300.00
Erect building/single family resident $500.00
Grade or fill a lot under 20 cubic yards $50.00 – Lots over 20 cubic yards $100.00 $50.00/$100
Walkway/gangway New $100/Replace $50
Floating berth new or replace $50.00
Bulkhead on waterside slope, new or replace $100.00
Retaining wall(s) on landside slope, max. 36" high $200.00
Permit before planting ground cover on levee slopes or grass on crown $50.00
Plant a tree, not within the design of the levee $100.00
Renewal of a permit $50.00
Subdivisions/developments: reimbursement agreement required N/A
Other: Projects which do not fall under the above will be charged a fee based on costs to RD 799
Re-inspection, failure to follow plans or permit conditions $100 per hr
Utility Company Permits and other larger permits fall under a permit fee + reimbursable expenses. Outlined but not limited to: Engineering, employee hourly wage, travel time, stay over time, supplies reimbursement, document copies, administrative costs etc…

Reimbursement Agreements for Developers/Utility Company’s/State/Gov/Public Agencies/Larger Scale Permits:

The board will seek advice from the district’s legal counsel and the district’s engineering firm to determine a minimum retainer amount. This amount will be implemented into a reimbursement agreement in which will be executed by the board of trustees at during the district’s next scheduled board meeting. The amount implemented will serve as a retainer. By which case, if the retainer amount has been depleted or comes close to being depleted prior to the project being completed; the District Administrator will request that the retainer be replenished. If there is any amount left at the end of the project, the amount will be refunded.